With bewifi, secure your Wi-Fi but also...

Boost your sales
Stand out
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A high-performance Wi-Fi security service

Securing Wi-Fi

With bewifi you secure your Wi-Fi network and protect your customers' data. Your password remains secret and is protected by an encryption system, it is our platform that manages the connections. You can focus on what matters, your customers!

Legal compliance

When providing Wi-Fi, the law requires that connection logs be kept for a rolling 12 months. We do this for you and will provide it to the authorities where appropriate.

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How does bewifi allow you to do really effective marketing?

Build loyalty and encourage purchase

With the Campaigns function, send notifications directly to your customers' smartphones when they are at your home. Receiving a promotional offer while you are there is no longer advertising but a great deal!

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Attract new customers

Thanks to Publications, boost your Place card in the app by highlighting your establishment, your services and products so that users passing through the neighborhood want to come to you.

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Keep in touch with your visitors

By offering your customers to subscribe to your Place in the app, you allow them to receive your communications when they are no longer here. The opportunity to make them want to come back.

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Delegate to your teams or franchisees

Are you the head of several establishments? Delegate the operational management of bewifi and keep an overview of promotional operations to assess their effectiveness.

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Centralize your digital services

  • Menu
  • Delivery
  • Click & Collect

Have you invested in digital services? Highlight them on your bewifi page and connect your customers to the Internet so that they can access them without worry.


Simple and efficient Wi-Fi sharing in 3 steps


In a few minutes, register and create your Place card by entering your Wi-Fi credentials, they remain secret and are only visible to you: your connection is secure!

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Place creation view

Your customers can connect in just a few seconds

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Open the app.Select the place.Connect!

The bewifi application is available on iOS and Android: all your customers have free access! They will find your establishment by default on the map of bewifi locations when the app is opened.

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Business Owners ❤️ bewifi

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Good initiative!

The app is great for my visitors to connect and to make my restaurant more visible for young people in the area.
The setup was very easy, I created my profile and place card without any problem.
I like the fair pricing and the free offer to support small businesses in their digitalization.


Owner of a O'Tacos Franchise Restaurant
(Boissy-Saint-Léger, France)

Everyone wins!

Less than 10 minutes to secure your Wi-Fi

Nothing to invest in equipment

Facilitate access to your digital services

Promotions and deals at the perfect time