Our mission

Bring Free Internet,Everywhere, to Everyone

  • Because access to the Internet is recognized by the UN and the French State as a Fundamental Right.
  • Because 100% of public services have gone digital in France in 2022.
  • Because the digital divide is a source of new inequalities.

At beacon & eggs, we wanted to find this comfort wherever we are.

Steny Solitude, CEO

Steny Solitude

Today, the digital divide isolates 45% of the world's population. In France alone, electronics affect 17% of the population according to INSEE. The cause is inequalities in access and use.

The digital divide is immense, and yet the Internet is everywhere. There are 500 million public Wi-Fi hotspots scattered all over the world and a single hotspot can connect dozens of people at the same time.

Our solution: a platform that meets the needs and expectations of all types of locations to encourage Wi-Fi sharing , while making it easier and simpler for end users to connect.

Furthermore, we believe that this connection can be used wisely and in a contextualized manner to help the most vulnerable populations on the one hand and contribute to resolving the current democratic crisis on the other.

To maximize our impact, we have set up partnerships with players recognized for their commitment each in their field...

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At beacon & eggs we're building a platform that facilitates wifi sharing.

  • support us by downloading the bewifi app
  • and by talking about bewifi to your merchants, elected officials or neighborhood associations.