In 2024 there are the Olympics in Paris and bewifi is coming to BnBs!

Secure, simple and innovative wifi sharing


For you, an efficient wifi security service

You do not disclose your password

Travelers connect with the bewifi application without knowing your wifi codes.

You open your wifi for a limited time

Your Location file is visible and your wifi access is only open to authorized people, and only for the duration of the stay. No more no less !

We keep connection logs for you

In the event of a request from justice, we allow you to provide connection logs for 12 rolling months.

For travelers, bewifi is the best ally to stay connected

Simplified and secure wifi connection

They connect with the bewifi mobile application simply by pressing a button, a unique connection experience!

Map of bewifi public places (restaurants, bars, etc.)

They have a map of public places in the neighborhood registered on bewifi to stay connected outside your home.

Application without constraints

Free application, very simple to use and available in 4 languages: French, English, German and Arabic.

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Take advantage of this connection to communicate with your visitors!

Thanks to bewifi notifications, schedule welcome messages, departure instructions or other communication of your choice in just a few clicks.

To try it is to adopt it !

I'm trying 7 days for free

Travelers connect in seconds

Open the app.Consult the sheet.Log in!

The bewifi app is available on iOS and Android: all travelers have free access! They will find your location by default on the bewifi hotspot map when opening the app or by scanning the QR code.

For hosts who want to secure their wifi without the hassle.

Introductory offer: -50% the first year for the first 2024 registered!

7 day trial

BnB offer

€50 (per location and per year)

A wifi solution designed for BnB owners and their visitors.

Without engagement. Without additional equipment.

  • Secure your wifi all year round regardless of the number of travelers to connect
  • Publish practical information on your page that will be useful to all your guests
  • Stay connected with your travelers and offer them a unique experience