With bewifi offer free wifi and improve your turnover!

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An efficient wifi security service

Securing wifi

With bewifi you secure your wifi network and protect your customers' data. Your password remains secret and is protected by an encryption system; it is our platform that manages the connections. You can rest easy!

Legal Compliance

The law requires, when providing wifi, to keep connection logs for a rolling 12 months. We do this for you and will provide them to the authorities if necessary.

How much does it cost ?

How does bewifi also allow you to do marketing?

Build loyalty and encourage purchases

With the Campaigns function, send notifications directly to your customers' smartphones when they are at your home. Receiving a promotional offer while you are there is no longer advertising but a good deal!

Attract new customers

Thanks to Publications, boost your Location profile in the app by highlighting your establishment, your services and products so that users passing through the neighborhood want to come to your place.

Maintain a connection with your visitors

By asking your customers to subscribe to your Location in the application, you allow them to receive your communications when they are no longer at your home. The opportunity to make them want to come back.

Delegate to your teams or franchisees

Are you at the head of several establishments? Delegate the operational management of bewifi and keep an overview of promotional operations to evaluate their effectiveness.

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Centralize your digital services

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  • Delivery
  • Click & Collect

Have you invested in digital services? Highlight them on your bewifi profile and connect your customers to the Internet, so they can access it worry-free.

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Your customers connect in seconds

Open the app.Select the location.Log in!

The bewifi application is available on iOS and Android: all your customers have free access to it! They will find your establishment by default on the bewifi locations map when opening the app.

No commitment,
no additional equipment

Select the right plan for your business

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€5 (per location and per month)

Secure your wifi once and for all.

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Without engagement. Without additional equipment.

  • Login without password, only during your opening hours
  • Legal compliance (retention of logs for 12 months)
  • Centralized management of one or more locations
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€10 (per location and per month)

Use your wifi to gain visibility in your neighborhood.

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Without engagement. Without additional equipment.

  • All the features of the Serenity plan, and:
  • Highlighting your digital services and events in the bewifi app
  • Sending live notifications to your visitors' smartphones
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€20 (per location and per month)

Retain your visitors through marketing.

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Without engagement. Without additional equipment.

  • All the features of the Visibility plan, and:
  • Planning your communication campaigns
  • Creation of roles to delegate to your teams or to a community manager