With bewifi connect your residents and bring democracy to life!


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Offer a major service and
strengthen democracy in your city

Fight the digital divide

Offer free wifi in different places in your city, and allow all citizens to have access to the Internet regardless of their condition while guaranteeing the digital security of your municipality.

Highlight public services

Actors in public life, set up specific communication in each type of place and communicate with your constituents (in schools, libraries, museums, gymnasiums, etc.).

Put citizens at the center of city policy

With technology that will help you reach younger generations, facilitate access to information on actions and initiatives taken by the city or linked to municipal life.

For your residents, bewifi is the best ally
to stay connected to your city

A simple way to access wifi for everyone

Residents connect to the internet with the free bewifi mobile app in seconds. A real public service!

Access to all public bewifi hotspots

With the bewifi application, your citizens will have access to the map of all public hotspots registered on the platform to stay connected wherever they are (bars, restaurants, association premises, etc.).

A way to get information… and give your opinion

The application allows you to receive contextualized information from the Municipality but also very soon to respond to surveys and get involved in local life.

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Finally, communicate with your constituents!

Thanks to bewifi notifications, schedule information messages, awareness campaigns or other communication of your choice in just a few clicks.

To try it is to adopt it !

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Your citizens connect in seconds

A free application.Several wifi access points.Relevant information.

The bewifi application is available on iOS and Android: all your residents have free access to it! On the bewifi hotspot map, they see by default the location where they are located.

Subscribe to bewifi if you are…

✓sensitive to equal opportunities and the fight against the digital divide<br/>✓invested in safeguarding democracy<br/>✓mobilized to involve young people in local political life

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Smart City Offer

€20 (per location and per month)

To connect citizens and bring democracy to life.


Without engagement. Without additional equipment.

  • Simple to set up, with no specific equipment required
  • Innovative, secure and respectful of citizens’ privacy
  • With possibilities for additional entertainment services