Connect your audiences to the internet with bewifi and Les Relais Numériques !

Simplicity. Security. Solidarity.

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Simple as a form, just create a file per location

You share your wifi and adjust the settings in a few clicks

A few clicks and a little text are enough to share your wifi. In which places? At what times? It's up to you !

Secure, like a code that remains truly secret

No need to give your password! Your audiences connect to the application with their phone number, your wifi code remains confidential and protected.

No need to worry about storing connection logs, we do it for you!

By sharing your wifi connection, you must be able to provide connection logs in the event of legal action. We store this data and provide it to you when necessary.

Solidarity, like access to wifi for everyone!

Simplified and secure wifi connection

Your audiences simply connect with their phone number, on the bewifi application.

Map of bewifi public places

Your audiences have access to a map of places offering wifi access: Associations, restaurants, bars nearby where they can go to stay connected!

Application without constraints

Your audiences benefit from a free application, respectful of personal data, simple to use and available in 4 languages.

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The +: communicate with your audiences!

Highlight your services, your schedules, communicate about your activities and events by sending notifications!

Shall we launch together?

I'm trying 7 days for free

Your visitors connect in seconds

A free application.Several wifi access points.Relevant information.

The bewifi app is available on iOS and Android: everyone has free access! Your location will be found by default on the bewifi hotspot map when you open the app or by scanning the QR code.

All the advantages of bewifi, at a solidarity rate!

For non-profit structures

7 day trial

Solidarity Offer

€5 (per location and per month)

To connect and connect with your audiences


Without engagement. Without additional equipment.

  • Secure your wifi in just a few minutes
  • Offer an essential service to your audiences
  • Increase your impact by gaining visibility

Do you want to go further?

Become a Relais Numérique!

Les Relais Numériques are nearly 500 social structures which, with the support of Emmaüs Connect, offer sustainable digital assistance for people in precarious situations.

Through three modes of action, personalized support and professional training, Emmaüs Connect transmits its know-how and operational support to social structures wishing to take action:


Provision of mobile credits and internet at solidarity rates, thanks to an easy-to-use website


Provision of reconditioned equipment at a solidarity rate (while stocks last)


Implementation of workshops to develop essential digital skills