Our mission

Bring Free Internet, Everywhere to Everyone

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Today we are 2.5 billion people to own a smartphone in the world and this figure is constantly growing.

Thanks to this small object, we access encyclopedias, online shops, entertainment and an infinite number of things. And yet without the Internet it is only an empty box. In many developed countries, when you're at home, you are automatically connected. It has become a reflex when you ask yourself a question or you need information, to take your phone and look for the answer immediately on the Internet. It is an extreme comfort and it is thanks to Wi-Fi.

At beacon & eggs, we wanted to find this comfort wherever we are.

When we go out to restaurants, when we go to friends, when we go on vacation or when we wait at the doctor. We thought it would be great to connect so easily, everywhere and for free. Beyond comfort, we thought it would be a great opportunity for the billions of people living in developing countries to find internet access easily. Enjoy the Internet without necessarily being equipped with a computer is a chance to reduce the digital divide on a large scale.

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At beacon & eggs we're building a platform that facilitates Wi-Fi sharing.

We think this is the simplest, cheapest and quickest way to get more people connected to the rest of the world. We believe that Wi-Fi sharing must be simple, fun, free and secure so it can be available everywhere. It is in this state of mind that we have developed our bewifi application. Five minutes to create your account and share your Wi-Fi, a few seconds to connect to a hotspot. And that's it, no other equipment to buy and the bewifi app is and will be free forever!

But to encourage sharing, we think that whoever shares should also get a reward. It is a lever to go faster and act where it is the most difficult to access the Internet while working with governments, associations and large groups to do even more. We will offer a solution adapted to their needs with certain benefits like a management tool for the places and their hotspots, possibilities of communication and innovative interaction with the users and many other things...

Of course, there will be a long way to go, but we hope to build a community that shares our values and our mission.

A community that will be ready to share their connection with their customers, with their family, to talk about this beautiful project to their favorite restaurants, their family abroad, their boss...

The more free Wi-Fi hotspots in the world, the more people will be connected. Sharing your connection when you do it all is more than allowing a friend to watch a video on their phone, it's sharing access to knowledge, opinions, moments, deals and mostly it's to bring other Citizens of the World online with us all. Your support will help change things everywhere, especially in Africa where less than 30% of people have access to the Internet.

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bewifi is free for non-profit organizations

Your actions are fundamental. Participating in offering free Wi-Fi to those you help on a daily basis and offering you other communication channels is a way for us to support you.

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