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Offer Free Wifi, Connect Everyone And Become A Smart City For Real

Simple, Secure And Affordable!

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We live in an age where the Internet is ubiquitous and most people have a habit of always being connected with their smartphone wherever they go. But let's not forget the ones who don't have this chance. Offering free wifi to everyone is something every city should be proud of.
With bewifi you offer an important service to the citizens and they get a free and secure wifi access in many places in your city.

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Citizens and visitors in your city will be able to connect in a few seconds, without any password directly from the page of any public place including bars, restaurants and many others. To inform them about this great initiative, ask us for some print material (including flyers, posters and stickers) and they will know how to connect to the many places using the app. They will surely thank you!


With a technology that will help you touch the younger generations, make it easier for everyone to be informed about the actions and initiatives taken by the city council or your service. Make shine the local people who take part in the city life by posting updates and news about the many places in your city (schools, libraries, museums, gyms...). Use bewifi to make politics being about people more than ever!

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